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Star Nine, Ashley Lane, Jolene Hexx, Eva Long
Jade Nile, Alyce Anderson, Violet October, Diana Grace, Madam RavenRae
Bella Carrera, Sablique Von Lux, Mary Jane Green, Chrissy Marie

An incredible cast of stunning actresses star in this erotic movie!
 There are girl/girl scenes, solo masturbation, bondage, stripping, fetish, gorgeous cinematography, a fun story and some comedy!

Star plays Stacy, a model and content 
producer. Stacy’s world is turned upside down when she takes in a house
guest, a seemingly innocent girl named Andi (Ashley Lane), whose
boyfriend left her alone in Las Vegas. Stacy tries to continue shooting
adult videos, keeping her work hidden from Andi! Meanwhile, Stacy has
even bigger worries. She’s about to lose her house.  So she and her
friends Jenna (Jolene Hexx) and Danni (Eva Long) try to shoot as many
videos as they can to raise money! I won’t tell you how it ends…but it’s
really HOT!

The full movie is 1 hour, 45 minutes.
For a limited time, it’s only $19.99! (Regular price is $39.99)
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Shorter Clips are also available…

In Part 1, Jade and Alyce enter, wearing incredibly sexy dresses and stockings. Jade seduces her innocent friend and the girls start making out passionately. They then move on to worshiping each other’s feet. At this point, it is revealed that the girls are performing in a scene that Stacy (Star Nine) is shooting. When she finishes shooting and leaves, the girls find themselves so turned on that they can’t resist each other. Jade pulls off Alyce’s panties and eats her hot pussy. Alyce goes down on Jade, making her scream with pleasure. The girls then pleasure each other by scissoring (tribbing). Both girls come to intense orgasms! Watch a Preview of Part 1

Part 2 starts with the opening credits of the movie. Then, Jenna (Jolene Hexx) does a cam session with a client who wants her to gossip about her friends. To make him happy, she tells the story of her friend Stacy….  Stacy produces adult/fetish videos. She shoots a foot fetish video of RavenRae. Then, she gets a call from Andi (Ashley Lane), an innocent young woman who wants to rent a room in Stacy’s house. Stacy foolishly agrees. Once Andi arrives, Stacy has to rush around so she can shoot her videos while Andi is out. Stacy does shoots with 2 hot models – Chrissy does a hot striptease and Mary Jane models and gets spanked by Stacy. But the main part of this clip is a thrilling masturbation scene…Stacy spies on Andi through a window. While Andi strips and puts on a bikini, Stacy gets really excited. She starts off slowly touching herself. Then strips naked and brings herself to a thunderous orgasm.  Watch a Preview of Part 2

In Part 3, Andi goes out and Stacy shoots video of Chrissy, who models in a hot bikini and Mary Jane, who sensuously smokes cigarettes and marijuana. Stacy also does short ticking scenes with Chrissy and lovely Bella. Stacy meets up with Danni (Eva Long) and tells her about Andi. She then shoots an incredible masturbation scene with Danni. Danni puts on a sexy bikini and starts touching herself sensuously. The scene gets hotter and hotter as she strips off the bikini and brings herself to an explosive orgasm. It’s extremely hot! Later, Andi goes out for the day and Danni and Jenna (Jolene Hexx) come to Stacy’s house. Stacy gets a letter telling her that she’ll lose her house if she doesn’t pay a huge tax bill. Danni and Jenna do a hot (though not explicit) girl/girl scene. But the scene is cut short when Andi comes home and is horrified. Watch a Preview of Part 3

In Part 4, Andi, upset about Stacy being an adult producer, plans to move out. Andi runs into Jenna, who comes on to her and tells her that Stacy is losing her house. Andi decides to stay and everyone shoots videos to raise money to help Stacy – Mary Jane gets tied up and spanked, Diana poses in hot lingerie, Chrissy does a sexy striptease, Jenna and Danni do a sexy secretary scene and pose in sheer pantyhose. A customer offers Stacy the money she needs but only if she can find an adult model with no tattoos! A little comedy follows as the girls all try to find an ink-less model.  Watch a Preview of Part 4

In Part 5, (spoiler alert!)  Jenna is shooting a bondage video with Violet, who is tied up. She gags Violet then leaves to take a phone call. Violet gets impatient and hops out of the room where she runs into Andi. Andi is shocked (and a little excited) and can’t resist touching Violet. When Jenna returns, she realizes that Andi is not as innocent as everyone thinks. She confronts Andi and invites her to a bondage shoot at her studio. Andi goes to the shoot and watches, fascinated, as Jenna and Sablique tie, spank and play with Alyce. Andi gets more excited as the scene continues and begins to masturbate. She brings herself to an intense orgasm while she watches Alyce being dominated. Jenna brings Andi into the dungeon, strips her naked and cuffs her hands over her head. She dominates Andi, spanks her and smacks her with a riding crop. Andi tries to hide her enjoyment as Jenna’s punishment gets more intense. Jenna uncuffs Andi and starts kissing her. She uses her hands to bring Andi to a powerful orgasm. This scene is not explicit but it is very hot. Watch a Preview of Part 5

In Part 6, (spoiler alert!) Andi tells Stacy that she wants to do the lesbian scene so Stacy can make enough money to keep her house. Stacy thinks it’s a bad idea…until Andi starts kissing her. Stacy and Andi do a hot love scene. Convinced that Andi likes girls, she agrees to let her do a scene on camera. While Danni films, Andi and Stacy do an extremely erotic (though not explicit) lesbian scene. Stacy has made the money she needs to keep her house and the girls celebrate as the closing credits roll. Watch a Preview of Part 6